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 The East Gippsland Adventurethon Stage race event has been created to form 3 stand alone individual races at 3 stunning East Gippsland locations, with times that can be tallied together in a stage race format at the end to find an overall champion. However, it can also can be raced as a team, in pairs, or simply just attempt your favourite leg.

The event will feature an amazing tour of the Bairnsdale area taking in some challenging but fun mountain biking, adventure running and paddling over 2 days. Bring your family and mates and settle in for some great Bonding and entertainment with seriously easy logistics and a warm atmosphere at the heart of the weekend.


We are proud to be working with Rob Preston & Tim Boote from Trail Running Gippsland to bring you the best possible courses over the weekend as well as getting some great local touches to make it an event to remember.

The multiple locations allows you to see more amazing places, get your breath and re-energise between events and deliver your personal best for all disciplines.

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