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Team Thought Sports

also known as Team Gippsland Adventure

Australia's #1 Ranked Adventure Racing Team 

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Thought Sports at Hells Bells finish line

2019 Eco-Challenge Fiji- 3rd Place


Adventure Racing and Multisport

10th 2018 Kathmandu Coast to Coast (elite), World Multisport Championships. 



Adventure 1 Series Winner- 1st Rogue 24hr, 1st Geoquest 48hr, 1st Wildside 18hr, 3rd X-Marathon 48hr Adventure Races. 

Nordic Islands Adventure Race- (Sweden ARWS) - 3rd Place with Team Haglofs Silva


25 Expeditions Adventure Race finishes since 2007 (No DNF’s)

Member of US based Team Adventure Medical Kits since 2014 completing 9 Adventure Race World Series events. 

Currently a member of two top 10 ranked Adventure Racing World Series teams - Haglofs Silva (2nd), Adventure Medical Kits (9th) 

Captained Australia’s Best place finisher at AR World Championships in 2009, 2011 (Team Blackheart)


3rd 2017 Adventure Racing World Championships in Wyoming, USA

2nd 2016 Adventure Racing World Championships in Shoalhaven, Australia

Other ARWC results - 2008 14th, 2009 13th, 2011 9th, 2014 4th, 2015 8th. 

X-Trail (China, ARWS)- 2nd 2016, 2nd 2017

Best Australian result at XPD, Australia’s AR World Series event, in 2007 2nd, 2018 1st, 2010 1st, 2011 (doubled as AR World Champs) 9th and 2016 2nd.

Godzone Adventure Race (New Zealand)- Best international team in 2012- 4th, 2013-3rd, 2016-4th, 2017-7th, 2019 - 4th

1st- Expedition Alaska 2015- (USA, ARWS) 

1st- Maya Mountain Challenge 2016 (Belize, ARWS)3rd, Expedition Africa 2014 (South Africa, ARWS)

Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge 2010 (UAE)

Primal Quest 2009- 3rd place with Team Merrell Zanfel

Wulong Mountain Quest  2010 (China)

Zunji Adventure Race 2010 (China)


1st Geoquest 48hr Adventure Race 2011, 2012, 2013, 2018, 2019. 3rd 2014, 3rd 2015, 



World Championship Australian team 2010, 2011. 

Australian Long Distance Champion 2012, 2nd 2001, 2nd 2011

Oceania Long Distance Champion 2011, Relay 1st, Middle Distance 2nd

19th Middle Distance World Cup, 3rd in Oceania Championships and 1st Australian

Member of Australian World Cup teams for 15 years from 2000 to 2015.
Ranked in Top 10 in Australia for 17years



1st 2016 World 24hr Rogaining Championships in Mixed Category with wife Kathryn and 2nd place overall.

2nd 2006 World 24hr Rogaining Championships Men’s Open

1st Australian 24hr Rogaining Championships 2010, 2015

Winner of 20 other 6-24hr Rogaines since 1996


Trail Running

Record holder for Walhalla Wound-up 50km (2011)

2nd 2014 Cradle Mountain Ultra

TNF100 2015- 11hrs17mins. 7th Australian. 


Ironman Triathlon: Asia-Pacific Championships- 2015, 2016


Management and Coaching Experience

High Performance Manager, Orienteering Australia 2007-2012

Men’s Coach World Orienteering Championships 2007, 2008, 

Coach/Manager for World Games 2009 in Taiwan with 1 gold, 1 silver individual medals and 4th in the Mixed Relay. 

Captain/Coach of NSW Stingers Orienteering team for over 10 years

Level 2 Orienteering Coach



Bachelor of Biomedical Science, University of Newcastle

Masters of Health Science (Exercise and Sports Science), University of Sydney

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