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KanPas Handy Wrist compass

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Brand: KanPas

KanPas Handy wrist compass with rotating spectra dial is perfect for Adventure Racing since it is comfortable for running, mountain biking and kayaking.

The KanPas Handy compass is attached to the wrist allowing hands-free orienteering, making it ideal for MTB orienteers and adventure racers. The adjustable elastic anti-slip wrist band ensures the compass fits comfortably and stays in place.

This compass offers the same performance as the KanPas rotating thumb compasses and has luminous markings for night use. The rotating spectra capsule allows you to set a bearing and line up your direction of travel using the coloured markings on the dial.

The Handy compass can be used on either your left or your right wrist depending on your preference.


  • Rainbow dial
  • Luminous markings for night use
  • Fast & ultra stable needle
  • Sapphire bearing
  • Adjustable elastic wrist band
  • Size: 60 x 50 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 40 grams

All compasses we stock are MS (magnetic south) models balanced for use in the southern hemisphere.

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