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Kayak Rescue Throw Bag 15m

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Product Details

15m Throw bag - Safety equipment for any canoe, kayak or water sports enthusiast. Mandatory gear for most Adventure Races.

  • Highly visible rope and bag with reflective strips on the front.
  • Easy To Carry: The bag comes with strong about 8mm (5/16in) floating rope, and the throw bag features an adjustable strap and buckle so it's easy to attach it to your kayak, canoe, boat or lifeguard station.
  • Emergency Whistle: The buckle also serves as an emergency whistle to help get attention in a pinch. It has buoyant rope and bag with reflective strips on the front.
  • Durable Material: Made of great durability 600D oxford fabric, the bag has adjustable side release buckle with a drawstring closure. Mesh ventilation allows rope to dry quicker. Grab made for easy grasping.
  • Help Rescue: Internal foam at the bottom of bag and floating rescue rope keep the rescue bag on water surface to help those drowning easy to see and grasp it.

Colour: Orange
Material: high strength polypropylene
Rope diametre: approx. 8mm/ 0.3 inch
Weight: 350gm

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