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Nordenmark Extreme Gold Mapboard

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Nordenmark's newest model- combined the best features of their previous two models- the Classic and Extreme Mapboards.

Available in two options- plastic or carbon mapboard (both 300x300mm)

New and easier way of mounting and dismounting the map holder.
No tools needed.

During 2018 top athletes from different nations and continents, who can name themselves multiply World Champions, European Champions and National Champions in MTB Orienteering and Adventure Race, have tested and evaluated Nordenmark Adventure's new map holder for MTB. The main purpose of the new map holder is to reduce assembly time. And we have succeeded!

Robust and versatile map holder for Adventure Racing Navigators who demand the best.

Easy to take on and off bike handlebars, even in race situations

Used by the top 3 ranked Adventure Race teams in the world- Seagate NZ, Adventure Medical Kits USA and Columbia Vidaraid Spain.

Designed and manufactured in Sweden

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